North Florida Sport Shot Series

The NFSSS is a brand new monthly scratch tournament played on sport shot oil patterns, yet we added a few fun twists to enhance the tournament experience.  To emphasize the importance of spares, there is an optional “Most Spares” contest for scholarship funds.  At the end of each monthly event, an optional “Extreme Eliminator Challenge” contest takes place for additional scholarship awards.  A year-end Scholarship Tournament will award SMART funds to all that qualify and participate.

Here is the NFSSS Entry Form, NFSSS Tournament Rules, and NFSSS 2017-2018 Tournament Schedule Flyer:

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Check-in is from 9:00am-9:45am; Tournament starts at 10:00am promptly.

  • SUN SEP 24 — Batt Family Fun Center — NFSSS Sept 2017 Results
  • SUN OCT 29 — King Pins Bowling Center — NFSSS Oct 2017 Results
  • SUN NOV 26 — Nassau Bowling Center — NFSSS Nov 2017 Results
  • SAT DEC 30 — Jax Lanes Grove Park
  • SUN FEB 25 — Bowl America Orange Park
  • SUN MAR 25 — Bowl America Southside
  • SUN APR 29 OR MAY 6 — ***Location TBD***
  • SUN MAY 27 OR JUN 3 (Scholarship Invitational) — ***Location TBD***
  • SAT JUL 7 & SUN JUL 8 “Junior Gold Simulator” 2-day event — NAS Freedom Lanes & King Pins

Overall Tournament Format: 5 games, moving lane pairs each game

Tournament Divisions: Six — U12 Boys, U12 Girls, U15 Boys, U15 Girls, U20 Boys, U20 Girls.  The six Junior Gold divisions may be combined by age group to meet the minimum number of entries (5) for the qualifier.  “Most Spares Contest” and “Extreme Eliminator Challenge” are split into 2 divisions (boys and girls) but may be combined if less than 5 entries in either division.

Entry Fees (payable at check-in):

  • Entry Fee is $25/tournament ($15 lineage/expenses, $10 to scholarship fund)
  • Optional “Most Spares Contest” is $5 (100% awarded out)
  • Optional “Extreme Eliminator Challenge” is $5 (100% awarded out)
  • Optional Junior Gold Qualifier entry is $20 for U12, $30 for U15, $40 for U20 (Note: This is separate from the annual Junior Gold national membership fee of $10 for U12 or $30 for U15/U20)

“Most Spares Contest”

The “Most Spares Contest” is a scholarship event built into the NFSSS monthly tournament.  Entrants to this optional add-on contest will be given a scoring sheet to record their scores “frame-by-frame” and tally their total spares over the 5 qualifying games.  The bowler(s) with the highest number of spares will win (or split, if there’s a tie) the scholarship pool.

“Extreme Eliminator Challenge”

The “Extreme Eliminator Contest” is a fun scholarship event that takes place right after the qualifying round of each NFSSS monthly tournament.  Entrants to this optional add-on contest will be assigned to a starting lane and alternate lane pairs each round.  In each round of the challenge, contestants will throw one ball in effort to knock down at least the minimum number of pins required (Round 1 = 7 pins, Round 2 = 8 pins, Round 3 = 9 pins, Rounds 4+ = 10 pins).  The last person standing will be awarded the scholarship pool (NO TIES!).

Junior Gold Qualifier:

Each regular monthly tournament (between September and May) includes an optional Junior Gold Qualifier event.  The 5-game qualifying round scratch scores will be used to determine the entry winner(s), using an award ratio of 1:5 in each age/gender division.  Junior Gold divisions may be combined (by age group) if there are not enough entrants (5) in a division; If there are still not enough Junior Gold entrants for age group, players will have the option to compete in a higher age division by paying the difference in JG entry fee OR the Junior Gold add-on fee will be refunded prior to the competition.

Scholarship Invitational:

The Scholarship Invitational event in late May / early June is restricted to the youth bowlers that competed in at least half of the monthly NFSSS tournaments.  Eligible entrants will be notified via email by May 5th.  The tournament format will be the same as monthly tournaments, but there will not be a Junior Gold qualifier option (IF the tournament is held in June).  SMART scholarships will be awarded to all participants at the discretion of the Tournament Directors (100% of funds are paid out to the bowlers).


Please send all questions to the Tournament Directors (listed below), via email to or through this website’s homepage.

Tournament Directors: Ryan Waters, Michelle Speight & Donna Evans